Flight Itinerary

IAR Hajj Team is delighted to offer the direct flights* feature to our community. The direct flights during Hajj limits physical and travel stress; adds additional comfort and ease.

Please see the departure and arrival details below:

Departure from USA:

    Route: Dulles, DC (IAD) - Jeddah, SA (JED)
    Flight #: Saudi Airlines (SV) 36
    Departing from DC on: Friday, August 2nd @ 5:00 PM
    Arriving at JEDDAH on: Saturday, August 3rd @ 11:55 AM

    Route: Jeddah, SA (JED) - Medina, SA (MED)
    Flight #: Saudi Airlines (SV) 1430
    Departing from DC on: Saturday, August 3rd @ 4:30 PM
    Arriving at MEDINA on: Saturday, August 3rd @ 5:25 PM

Arrival to USA:

    Route: Jeddah, SA (JED) - Dulles, DC (IAD)
    Flight #: Saudi Airlines (SV) 37
    Departing from JEDDAH on: Saturday, August 17th @ 5:55 AM
    Arriving at DC on: Saturday, August 17th @ 12:10 PM

JazakAllaahu Khayran!

*The direct flights are available on the return leg only. That is due to Saudi Airlines technical changes to the DC to MED direct route.