Pricing / Room Options

IAR Exclusive Discounted Pricing

Quad* (4) Occupancy – $ 9,940 Per Person
Triple (3) Occupancy – $ 11,490 Per Person
Double (2) Occupancy – $ 12,990 Per Person

*This upgraded quad suites offers double the amenities.
Please reach out to us to know all the exclusive features!


Medina (Aug 12-16) in Dallah Taibah
Makkah (Aug 16-26) in Hilton Suites
Days of Hajj 8ZH - 14ZH
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› Premium Arafat Camp ‹
› Private VIP AC Bus Transport ‹
› Hilton Suites Access During Hajj ‹

Services Included:

Direct Airfare via Saudi Airlines.
Daily Breakfast & Dinner Buffets.
Dedicated Imam & a Group Leader.
Visit to Historical Sites in Medina.
Hajj Workshop & Education Material.
Meet & Assist at the Airport.

Exclusive Deluxe Hajj Features

Access to direct flights reducing jetlag and travel stress before and after Hajj.
Accommodations in 4★ Dallah Taibah in Medina & 5★ Hilton Suites in Makkah.
     our hotels are located at the boundry of both Masjid Al Haram & Masjid An Nabawi.*
Access to the your rooms in 5★ Hilton Suites during the Manasik of Hajj.
Accomodation in Premium Upgraded Air-Conditioned Mena Camps, located right across from the Jamarat.*
     the Mena units are constructed with drywall for your comfort and privacy.
Foam mattress sleeping chair accommodations in your Mena unit.
Private upgraded air-conditioned furnished Arafat tents.
24/7 access to your Group Leader & Spiritual Leader during the entire journey.

  * IAR is proud to offer these extremely rare features to our community. The hotel access during Hajj limits physical and travel stress; adds additional comfort and ease.

Additional Program Features

   •  There will be breakfast and dinner buffets daily in your hotels.
   •  In Mena, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets will be provided.
   •  In Arafat, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Core Features & Services:
   •  Our team of staff members are available to assist you in paperwork and booking.
   •  A dedicated Imam to provide you spiritual guidance throughout your trip.
   •  A dedicated Group Leader to offer logistics support throughout your trip.
   •  Hajj guides, tutorials, conference calls, in-person workshops and much more.

In collaboration with Adam Travel, you will be provided:
   •  For ease, a comphrehensive Hajj checklist.
   •  Hajj dua and other education materials.
   •  Adam Travel backpack for your convenience.
   •  Ihrams for male pilgrims.
   •  Educational Hajj materials prior to trip.
   •  Adam Travel's drawstring shoe bag.


This package does not include the following:
  •  Hajj checks to the Unified Agent Office in Saudia (expected cost: $310).
  •  If you've performed Hajj in the last 3 years, the Ministry of Hajj will charge a Hajj Visa fee ($535).
  •  The cost of zabiha/sacrifice (expected $150).
  •  Domestic flight to our gateways eg. RDU to Dulles.
  •  Any additional charges for stopover to destinations other than Saudi Arabia.
  •  KSA has introduced a 5% VAT on January 2018 (estimated cost: $285 per person).